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Version 2.0

Version 2.0 of the Metamorfoze Preservation Imaging Guidelines is expected to be published this year.

The most important innovations are: 

  • Metamorfoze Extra Light has been specially updated for scanning A3 documents with sheetfed scanners.
  • In version 2.0 it is mandatory to work with technical targets with Lab reference files. This applies to the ColorChecker SG and the UTT.
  • Formula CIE1976 is no longer used in version 2.0.
  • White balance is measured with formula CIE2000 without luminance. With this approach the white balance is expressed in the unit: ∆E (ab)*.
    The new ∆E (ab)* tolerances are:
    Metamorfoze Full and Metamorfoze Light: ∆E(ab)* ≤ 3.
    Metamorfoze Extra Light: ∆E(ab)* ≤ 5.
  • Color accuracy, ∆E*, is measured with formula CIE2000SL=1.
    The new ∆E* tolerances are: 
    Metamorfoze Full: mean ∆E* ≤ 3, max ∆E* ≤ 7.
    Metamorfoze Light: mean ∆E* ≤ 4, max ∆E* ≤ 14.

The basic principle of the Metamorfoze guidelines is that all visible information in the original must be visible in the preservation master.
This basic principle applies to all three quality levels of the Metamorfoze guidelines.
Therefore, the gain modulation tolerances in the high light area in all three quality levels are the same, namely 80% – 110%.

All scans on this page are made according to quality level Metamorfoze Extra Light, version 2.0. These scans are made with a sheetfed scanner in a digitization project of Waterlands Archief.

Specifications Metamorfoze Preservation Imaging Guidelines, version 2.0. Draft version June 2023.
Quality levelMetamorfoze FullMetamorfoze LightMetamorfoze Extra light
File format-TIFF, 6.0 Uncompressed.-JP2 (JPEG2000 Part 1), lossless.-TIFF, 6.0 Uncompressed.-JP2 (JPEG2000 Part 1), lossless.-TIFF, 6.0 Uncompressed.-JP2 (JPEG2000 Part 1), lossless.-JPEG. 
Color space eciRGBv2eciRGBv2, Adobe RGB (1998).eciRGBv2, Adobe RGB (1998),sRGB IEC61966-2.1.
Bit Depth16/888
The neutrals are analysed up to L* 5L* 20L* 30
White balance, ∆E(ab)*.Formula CIE2000. (of gray scale  in the image center and over field on white) ∆E(ab)* ≤ 3 ∆E(ab)* ≤ 3∆E(ab)* ≤ 5 
Tone reproduction, ∆L*.Formula CIE2000SL=1. (of gray scale  in the image center)∆L* ≤ 2∆L* ≤ 2∆L* ≤ 4.
Gain Modulation high lights L* 95 – L* 85. Formule CIE2000SL=1 (of gray scale  in the image center)
80% – 110%

80% – 110%

80% – 110%
Gain Modulation all other patches L* 90 – L* 80. L* 85 – L* 75. L* 80 – L* 70. Etc. Formule CIE2000SL=1 (of gray scale  in the image center) 70% – 120% 70% – 120%  60% – 130%
Noise≤ 1,6 L* values≤ 1,6 L* values≤ 2 L* values
Illumination non-uniformity ≤ DIN A3. Formule CIE2000SL=1≤ ∆L* 3≤ ∆L* 3≤ ∆L* 5
Illumination non-uniformity > DIN A3 ≤ DIN A2 Formule CIE2000SL=1≤ ∆L* 4≤ ∆L* 4Not specified.
Illumination non-uniformity > DIN A2 ≤ DIN A1 Formule CIE2000SL=1≤ ∆L* 5≤ ∆L* 5Not specified.
Illumination non-uniformity > DIN A1 ≤ DIN A0 Formule CIE2000SL=1≤ ∆L* 6≤ ∆L* 6Not specified.
Color reproduction, ∆E*. Formule: CIE2000 SL=1. (of Digital ColorChecker SG in the image center)Mean ∆E* ≤ 3. Max ∆E* ≤ 7.Mean ∆E* ≤ 4. Max ∆E* ≤ 14. Not specified.
Sampling rate 300 ppi. Originals ≥ A5
Max. 600 ppi. Originals < A5 
300 ppi. Originals ≥ A5
Max. 600 ppi. Originals < A5
300 ppi. (All originals) 
Difference between claimed & obtained sampling rate≤ 2%≤ 2%≤ 2%
Sampling Efficiency (horizontally and vertically separately)≥ 85%≥ 85%≥ 85%
Max modulation (horizontally and vertically separately)≤ 1,05≤ 1,05≤ 1,05
MTF50 (horizontally and vertically separately)≥ 45% x the minimum frequency required for MTF10≥ 45% x the minimum frequency required for MTF10≥ 45% x the minimum frequency required for MTF10
Color misregistration (horizontally and vertically separately)≤ 0,35 pixel≤ 0,50 pixel≤ 0,50 pixel
Geometric distortion (horizontally and vertically separately). ≤ 2%≤ 2%≤ 4%
ArtefactsnonenoneTextual information must remain legible and usable. Avoid scratches and stripes as much as possible.