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Presentations, courses and workshops about preservation imaging according to guidelines and ISO standards

HIP provides papers, courses and in-house trainings & workshops. The topics are listed here below. It is possible to adjust the topics on in-house or project specific needs.


  • Introduction preservation imaging, the what, why and how.
  • Technical explanation (including daily use & tolerances) of all image quality parameters as mentioned in the Metamorfoze Preservation Imaging Guidelines, such as: Delta C*, Delta E (ab)*, Gain Modulation, OECF, MTF10 etc.
  • The daily use of technical test charts and their specific hierarchical structure.
  • Daily use of QMTool, Photoshop & iQ Analyzer software.
  • Camera calibration.
  • Technical assessment of scanners & cameras.
  • How to set up a quality control & quality assurance system in a (mass) digitization work flow according to the Metamorfoze guidelines and ISO 19264-1. with help of the Universal Test Target (UTT) and metadata.
  • Metamorfoze guidelines, FADGI Guidelines and ISO 19264-1.

An introduction presentation about the what, why & how of the Metamorfoze guidelines takes about 45 minutes. A complete preservation imaging course (in house and hands on) will take 3 to 5 days.

Target audience

The introduction presentation is made for everybody who would like to know more about preservation imaging and its daily work flow.

All other topics are made for managers, engineers, technicians, service providers, photographers and operators responsible for the quality control & quality assurance in a (mass) digitization work flow.