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CET 357

New targets with a new approach!

The Correct Exposure Tools, CET 357 and CET 457, are designed by Hans van Dormolen.

CET 357 is meant to be used for making photos from three dimensional objects in a structured and repeatable way. CET 357 gives insight and control over the performance of technical criteria such as exposure (delta L), gain modulation and white balance. The use of CET 357 is founded on the craftsmanship of the photographer. And CET 357 reliably conveys the expression of the material based on “what you see is what you get”.

CET 357 and CET 457 are both presented by Hans van Dormolen at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam at the 2+3D Photography Practice and Prophecies 2017 conference.

CET 357 and CET 457 are available. Contact Hans for more information.